Town Council

Council Members:


Mayor  – Paul Caple


Vice Mayor – Herb Boyles


Secretary – Jane Kime


Treasurer – Robin Kassing


Councilmember – Marietta Darden


Councilman – John Blanchfield



Town Council agendas will be posted no less than seven (7) days prior to the meeting. They can be found online, at the Kenton Post Office, and at Town Hall on the message board on the front lawn of the building.

Town Council minutes will be posted online ten (10) days after they are approved by the Council. For example, minutes that are taken at January’s meeting will be posted ten days after they are approved by the Council at February’s meeting. 

Click the links below to be directed to past meeting’s agendas and minutes as well as future meetings.

Past Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Future Meetings

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